I am a regular contributor on the ‘Dining on Dime’ podcast, wildfireradio.com.

One week I showed up and there was another Jim.

We can only have one Jim.

and J1 v J2 was born.  An unconventional set of activities to determine who is the real Jim.

Spoiler Alert – Me, I am the one and only Jim.  Anyway here we go;  J1 v J2.  Enjoy!!

Olde City Throw Down

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presents Jim1 vs Jim2 in an Olde City Throw Down. Olde City has to Jim1's, Sonny's and Campo's, 2 great long time Philadelphia favorites. Jim2, the new kid on the block is Oh Brother. We modified it to a Jim1 vs Jim1 'eat in.' The...

Philip’s Steaks vs Café y Chocolate

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presents Jim 1 vs Jim 2 - Philip's Steaks vs Café y Chocolate. Dear friends of Philip's Steaks, Jim 1 loves Philip's Steaks. The views and opinions expressed by Jim 2 are his own. https://youtu.be/6AdIBHX4rO0

Meatheadz v Hoagie Haven

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presenting Jim 1 vs Jim 2 in Princeton, NJ with Meatheadz v Hoagie Haven. In an ironic twist, Hoagie Haven a long time favorite in Princeton should be representing Jim 1. But, Jim 1's feelings for Meatheadz are well documented. What...

John’s Roast Pork vs El Sabor di me Tierra

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presenting Jim 1 vs Jim 2. A beloved fan favorite vs a perennial underdog. If you suffered through the 1st installment of J1 v J2, I am sorry and thank you. We did much better this time! Spoiler alert!! 2nd thought NO, watch the...