Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Joe’s Pizza, 39 S York Rd, Hatboro, PA Cheesesteak scored 89/100.

Different cheesesteak #999 in the last four years. Special Guest Eater TaRhonda Thomas. Yes, TaRhonda from FYI Philly on 6ABC. Joe’s is a great little family owned and operated Pizza shop. Deb opened early for us. Thank you Deb! The cheesesteak was standard pizza shop cheesesteak. The meat was seasoned nicely. The fried onions and mushrooms spent time on the grill getting to know each other. The cheese was the weak link. It needed a couple slices more and a better cheese melt. Joe’s is known for their sauce on top pizza. If you ask, they will put the sauce on the bottom. Thank you to everyone that got up early and made this a great morning.

1,000th cheesesteak will be eaten on Thursday Jan 13, 2022. 7:45 am live on Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia!

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