Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at John & Peter’s on Main St in New Hope, PA

Friday, it was a long day and I ended up in New Hope PA. I wanted a beer and I wanted it on Main Street. Driving into New Hope I saw a place with a Philadelphia cheesesteak Banner. I found a great parking spot. I went to the door and the place was out of business 20 minutes on Yelp and Google Maps produced nothing. I started walking and saw what looked like a locals Hangout. It had a banner ‘best burger’ in town. I am 90% certain that John & Peter’s does not rely on their Cheesesteak business. It was tasty in spots and not so tasty and others. It had the thing going on where the onions were super hot and burn the roof of my mouth. I did see a guy wearing a Tattooed Mom t-shirt. I can see John & Peter’s being the New Hope’s Tattooed Mom. If you are in New Hope and you want to hang out with the locals on Main Street and you want a beer or other adult beverage, John & Peter’s is the place for you.