Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Johnny Paisano’s on Baltimore Pike In Springfield, PA

This is the best cheesesteak no one is talking about. I knew it was going to be a special day because I was with special guest eater Michael Opelka. This was Cheesesteak #400. Three Springfield police officers were eating at Johnny’s. This was such a great experience I do not know where to begin. Johnny Paisano’s very unassuming place tucked away between a bunch of other stores on Baltimore Pike. The roll was an amazing sesame seed roll. The meat was chopped, tender, juicy and a pleasure to eat. The fried onions and peppers were nice big chunks and I love nice big chunks, especially when they’re flavorful and they sat on the grill for a little bit so they blended in well with everything else. Very good amount of cheese and it was melted perfectly into the whole cheesesteak. This is one of those times were great ingredients meet a talented caring person that knows how to put them together. ‘Brotherly love’ is the secret ingredient in great cheesesteaks. Thank you Michael Opelka! You were a pleasure to have on the adventure.