Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating the one foot Royal Cheesesteak from Key Food Pizza at Philadelphia Brewing Co.

This is a good cheesesteak but I think it got some points for being near Philadelphia Brewing Company. I got the one foot Royal cheesesteak. $8.95, mic drop. I loved the roll. The Royal Cheesesteak comes with a lot of extras and sauce which normally destroy the roll. In this case the roll held together magnificently. I guess a good scientific experiment is taking this Cheesesteak for a half hour ride before eating it and then seeing how the roll holds up. Luckily the Philadelphia Brewing Company is around the corner and do we really need to get this scientific with our cheesesteaks. Good size cheesesteak, $8.95, very flavorful and Philadelphia Brewing Company around the corner. Very good overall experience. Except for the stupid van in front of Philadelphia Brewing company that ruined my pictures.