Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventurea eating Kosmos cheesesteak at Bald Bird Brewing in Audubon, PA

I’m thinking the best way to eat Kosmos’ special cheesesteak is at Bald Birds Brewing. I am usually of the mindset to just go pick up your Cheesesteak and drive it yourself to the Brewing Company. Kosmos had my Cheesesteak at Bald Brewing 10 minutes. I had been at Bald Birds Brewing for a couple minutes, hour or longer and when I opened up the wrapper and saw my cheesesteak for the first time I fell in love with the roll. The roll had horizontal flowing stripes to accentuate her curves. This was a tasty cheese steak. I keep saying it was Fluffy in the video. I had been at Bald birds for a minute but it was fluffy. Like a fluffy omelette. Unfortunately the roll did fall apart. I have to agree with the people on Google Maps, the meet was a little stringy and not much of it. Kosmos got a lot of Bald Bird Brewing points.