Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Lenape Pizza in West Chester, PA.

Saturday cheesesteaks with Carole. We got the buffalo cheesesteak. Public service announcement to all of you Young Bucks out there; when the woman you’re with says she wants the Buffalo Cheesesteak you get the Buffalo Cheesesteak no matter how much it’s going to tear up your stomach and all of the grief you’re going to get on social media. Happy Carole, Happy Life. Back to the cheesesteak. This cheesesteak was all about the buffalo sauce. The rest of the cheesesteak was pretty standard. The buffalo sauce is pretty darn tasty. If you find yourself at Lenape Pizza I would absolutely recommend that you get something that day made from scratch. Under $10, you know I like that. Nice clean little place. The guy at the counter was great. Overall very good experience.