Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Limestone BBQ and Bourbon on Limestone Rd in Wilmington, DE

The best Brisket I will never eat again. I take responsibility for not asking if a side was extra but when it is cafeteria style and you have my tray on your side of the sneeze guard and you stop at the sides and say, ‘what side are you looking at,’ it implies a side comes with my sandwich especially at $13 (paid $1 for cole slaw). Plus, $4 for a side of fried Brussels sprouts that were probably amazing before they sat out seems a touch pricey for Limestone Rd. The good news is I was going to get the $5 Margarita special so $4 sprouts saved me calories and $4 ($1 more for drink and $3 tip for bartender). In the video the roll supports my findings.