Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating Linwood Pizza, Chichester Ave in Marcus Hook, Cheesesteaks at Wilmington Brew Work in Wilmington, DE.

I was with the Dos Amigos plus 1, oldest daughter Jordan. We love that we could take our Linwood cheesesteaks to Wilmington Brew Works and eat them there. I got the Portobello mushroom cheesesteak and the nice people at Linwood pizza made it on garlic bread for me. The Amigos did not like their cheesesteaks. If you watch the video, I dub over the Amigos and in one scene you can see them breaking apart the dry meat. The great news is we went to Wilmington Brew Works. Craig the Master Brewer was there and in addition to brewing great beer, he did a great job telling us the history of the building. Holy mackerel, an early DuPont experimental station, the stuff that went on in that building. Great overall experience at Wilmington Brew Works.