Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Little Vinnie’s Pizza & Pasta on Faulkland Rd in Wilmington, DE.

Holy Mackerel squared! This was a very very very good cheesesteak! I got the Little Vinnie‚Äôs special cheesesteak on a garlic bread roll. Three cheeses, very very good amount of cheese and it was melted magnificently across the entire cheesesteak. It came with all sorts of extras, fried onions, mushrooms and green peppers. The extras worked stupendously together. The most beautiful thing about this Cheesesteak was you tasted all the different flavors but in every bite it seemed that one flavor would stand out just a touch more than the others. It could be the $10.75, but I’m going to blame it on the COVID-19 for me not giving this more than a 93. Very good Cheesesteak experience.