Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Lucky 7 Deli, 3900 New Falls Rd, Bristol, PA.

This is probably a better Cheesesteak than the score of 84 that I gave it. I was really liking Lucky 7 and was getting excited for my cheesesteak. The other sandwiches they were making looked very good. They use a good amount of meat. On the ordering kiosk the picture of the grilled mushrooms looked very good. I got the grilled mushrooms and then paid the extra $1.50 for Sharp provolone thinking it would be a good combo with the mushrooms. The mushrooms and onions spend a good amount of time on the grill together. Unfortunately they needed more time and more mushrooms and onions. They kind of got lost in the cheesesteak. They ran out of sharp provolone so I got half regular provolone but was still allowed to pay the full $1.50. Good cheesesteak experience.