Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Lucky’s Coffee Shop, 4003 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE.  Cheesesteak scored 79/100.

Different cheesesteak #990 in the last four years.  Special Guest Eaters Justin O and his boys.  Justin drew my Drive to 1,000 t-shirt.  I got the cheesesteak.  It is not on the menu but on Mondays Lucky’s has a build your own cheesesteak special.  The rolls today were the problem.  The rest of the cheesesteak wasn’t bad and I think it will get better as the grill person makes more cheesesteaks.

1,000th cheesesteak will be eaten on Thursday Jan 13, 2022.  5-9 pm.  West End Boat Club, Essington, PA.   Tickets are available on my website and facebook.

Commemorative t-shirt and cheesesteak buffet for attendees!

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