Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Main St Market in Smyrna, DE

Main Street Market, Smyrna, DE – free dessert to first-time patrons. 4th generation owner operators. I believe in traditions so I got the Buddy steak. It came with fried onions, mushrooms and Buddy’s buttery cream sauce who’s is only occasionally shared with friends. The roll had a nice crust and was very chewy. Good amount of meat and it was obviously real steak. With my limited culinary knowledge I would call Buddy’s sauce and Alfredo sauce. A lot of very good sauce. If you’re in Smyrna and you want to learn a little bit about Smyrna history and you are craving a saucy cheesesteak complete with a free dessert for first-time patrons then Main Street Market is a must stop for you. Almost forgot $11.74 included 24 oz drink.