Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Malvern Pizza & Beer, in Malvern, PA

Malvern Pizza and Beer, Malvern, PA. Holy Mackerel! Tasty cheese steak. It’s very interesting how much expectations influence how I feel about a place. It was an Eagles football Sunday. I dragged myself off the couch to go get a cheesesteak, a beer and watch the birds. Yadda, yadda, Yadda I end up at Malvern Pizza. I got the special cheese steak (8 oz of beef, fried onions mushrooms green peppers diced tomatoes and ketchup), it was very tasty. It was $9.25. I like $9.25. I really liked my $3.50 12% alcohol 23.5 oz. Four Loko Watermelon flavor. I really really liked that I could watch the Eagles, eat my tasty cheese steak, and drink my, muy bueno, muy malo, muy loco, Four Loko watermelon without any distractions. Well, except me. I was taking a lot of pictures and yelling to counter guy how much I loved Four Loko.