Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Mattei Family Pizza, 1260 Point Breeze Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

I got the Mexican cheesesteak. The thicker sliced meat and roll smacked me in the face. The thicker sliced meat was not chopped. This helped it stand out in a very flavorful cheesesteak. I had minor gristle issues. The meat was good and noticeable but was the weak link of this cheesesteak. The roll was the star of this cheesesteak. This roll made a below average/average cheesesteak better and I now have to rethink my view of the roll’s role. The roll was seeded and toasted. A mayonnaise based refried bean concoction made this a Mexican cheesesteak. There were Jalapeno’s with the refried beans and they made this cheesesteak hot. I don’t know where it came from but this cheesesteak was oily. We did have a roll blow out issue. I would pair this cheesesteak with mucho cervezas.

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