Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating a Max’s cheesesteak at Track 3 Microbrewery. Max’s Steaks of North Philly and Track 3 microbrewery in Dresher, PA.

Good size steak sandwich. They have a good grill man, he ran a big, busy Grill. We drove 45 minutes before we ate this Cheesesteak. The corropolese roll did not enjoy its time in the wrapper. I still like a corropolese roll. Dan is not a fan. I got green peppers on the cheesesteak because the meat looked dry. The green peppers sat on top while the mushrooms and fried onions got mixed in with meat. The guy who puts the toppings on the cheesesteaks and wraps them asked me for a tip after he let his friend butt in front of me. Not a bad cheesesteak. We ate Max’s Cheesesteak at Track 3 microbrewery in Dresher. I love track 3. Dan was not a fan.