Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Mel’s Pizza Eatery on Concord Rd in Aston, PA.

I had a very good feeling about Mel’s as soon as we walked in. It appeared that Mel was back there training some new employees. The place was clean and organized. I got a good feeling about Mel’s. I decided to get the ultimate cheesesteak. The ultimate cheesesteak is a filet mignon cheesesteak. It has a $16.95 price tag. That should have been a flashing red beacon of ‘Jim don’t get this cheesesteak.’ The meat was very good. I repeat, the meat was very good. I don’t think the other stuff worked with the meat. The roll was pretty traditional. It had a Mel made cheesy combination of American cheese and Wiz, I thought this was too much. I think the great meat only needed complementary pieces. We took our Cheesesteak to 2SP Brewing Company. Next time we’ll go straight to Aston Abbey. How can you dislike very good filet mignon?