Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Middletown Pizza, 5715 S Pennell Rd, Media, PA.

I got the Cheesesteak Deluxe. It came with fried onions, mushrooms, green peppers and sauce. This was a saucy, not to be confused with my pending son-in-law Karl Sasse, cheesesteak. It came on a traditional roll. The roll was soft and mushy. I don’t know from what. It could have been the sauce or heat or both. I don’t know what. It worked for this saucy cheesesteak. It had a very good amount of cheese. The cheese was melted very nicely and touched everything. The extras were plentiful and mixed thoroughly with everything else. It is hard to say how much time they spent on the grill because everything was saucy. I assume they spent a good amount of time on the grill because nothing was crunchy. If you like Saucy this is your cheesesteak.

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