Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Miller’s Ale House South Philly on Columbus Blvd in South Philly

Miller’s Ale House South Philly. I was really hoping this Cheesesteak was going to be great. South Philly by the river and across the street from the SS United States. SS United States is the only luxury liner completely built the United States and she still holds the speed record between New York and London. Miller’s Ale House has great drink specials, parking, bathroom, plenty of bar space and tables and lots of TVs. I guess after a day or night of drinking with your friends this Cheesesteak will do the trick. It has a very standard roll, meat was goodish not a lot of it, cheese was on the bottom, I paid the extra $0.99 for a sauteed mushrooms and I did not see a lot of them in there. Very standard cheesesteak but I guess for the place it does the trick.