Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at MoJu’s Family Pizzeria, 2501 E Westmoreland St, Philadelphia, PA.

I really like this place, especially the guy running this place. Anyone considering opening a business should do an internship at MoJu’s. I got the MoJu’s Special Steak. I like the meat, it was finely chopped. The special comes with onions, green peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, sauce and mozzarella, everyone played very well together. The roll, the whole cheesesteak got toasted. I don’t know if it got over toasted or with what’s going on with Corona, people ordering is inconsistent so ordering rolls is inconsistent. I didn’t take a lot of points off but the roll tried to ruin a great night. The menu is big and you can customize just about everything including making your roll a garlic bread roll for an extra $1. Very good overall experience.