Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Mr. Wings on Edgemont Ave in Brookhaven, PA.

I don’t know. Good/very good. A toasted Liscio’s roll, you know I love that. The meat had a good flavor. I think this is one of those if it had a shorter roll so it looked like a lot more meat, I’d be a lot happier with this cheesesteak. I think the menu said they use 13 inch rolls. When I unwrapped The Cheesesteak it looked really long and lean. The cheese is almost non-existent, I cover that in the video. I wish the mushrooms spent more time on the grill. They did have tables, a bathroom and they were nice people. So, good roll, good tasting meat, tables, bathroom and nice people versus nonexistent cheese and mushrooms that could have been left on the grill longer. Good or very good cheesesteak experience??