Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Musi BYOB at Front & Morris in South Philly.

Small plate hipster first Monday of the month pop up cheesesteak. Small plate (doesn’t get out much) me, sees the fun little spot and high-quality ingredients. Cheesesteak adventure me thinks they should get a pizza shop grill man for their pop up. Two cheesesteak options beef or mushroom. I really liked the mushroom cheesesteak. It had a better cheese melt. My meat cheese steak had my usual complaint. The meat and onions sit on the grill. Put some cheese on top. Wait for a little melt. Everything gets flipped into a roll. I tried to get a picture of the seared meat. The fried onions were caramelized onion swimsuit calendar picture perfect. Ambler brewing company was there. Very nice addition. I made a new friend, Ken. Very good overall experience.