Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Nudy’s Cafe on Lancaster Ave in Malvern, PA

I loved Nudy’s, I did not love Nudy’s. The Cheesesteak had a flavor that I loved and I am not sure what the flavor was. I have some guesses. They were still serving breakfast and it tasted like pancake. Or they may have toasted the roll on the grill for a little bit. Or it could have been the Cheddar Cheese. That is correct, I went rogue and got cheddar cheese. I am now a cheddar cheese fan. It did not have a good melt but it worked and I liked it. The cheesesteak came with french fries and I was in Malvern so I didn’t hate the $10.59. But $2.59 for an iced tea, are you kidding me?? I am pretty sure I had a good overall experience at Nudy’s.