Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at On A Roll, 11 S Orange St, Media, PA. Cheesesteak scored 86/100.

Different cheesesteak #996 in the last four years. Special Guest Eater Rich and Dawn from The Fermented Adventure podcast. We took our cheesesteaks to 2SP Brewing in Aston. I was expecting a lot better from these cheesesteaks. We got the Kennett (fried onions & mushrooms) and the Philly (peppers, fried onions and provolone). They came on a glazed roll. The roll was good, just not traditional. The meat was a touch dry. I would have liked more cheese. The Kennett’s extras were mixed in okay. The Philly’s extras were not. I have taken several cheesesteaks to 2SP and always enjoyed myself. Thanks to Rich’s deep knowledge of beer, I have an educated appreciation for 2SP!

1,000th cheesesteak will be eaten on Thursday Jan 13, 2022. 5-9 pm. West End Boat Club, Essington, PA.

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