Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at the Craft Hall Christmas Tree Lighting.

Craft Hall also home to Mainstay Independent Brewing Co and Lost Bread Co on Delaware Ave in Northern Liberities. This may be my new favorite place in the world!! I got invited to the Christmas tree lighting event last night. My biggest concern for craft Hall was that it is kid friendly. My pure genius Craft Hall moment was when I saw the indoor playground for the kids was away from the general population. Pure genius!! Craft Hall has something for everyone. Indoor playground, church pews, fire door tables, bar stools, thick leather chairs in the living room area and a wall of past presidents portraits and stories. Almost forgot that patrons can watch the Craft Hall bakers make fresh bread and rolls. Bonus viewing, the brewers are hard at work in their space right next to the bakers. The food looked amazing. Last night having another beer instead of the Tuna Melt seemed liked a good idea. I have serious Tuna Melt remorse this morning. Craft Hall is my new favorite place in the world.