Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Philly’s Gourmet Steaks on Market St in Old City section of Philadelphia, PA

This is the best cheesesteak on Market Street that no one is eating. I’m not saying it’s better than Oh Brother. I am saying there’s a line out the door at Campos and Sonny’s, you go another block and here’s a place that’s big, bright, clean and a very good cheesesteak. Even though I constantly complain to Carole about guest eaters she insisted we get the mushroom cheese steak with bacon and sriracha sauce, it was heavenly. This cheesesteak smelled great, felt great and tasted great. This was a great example of great ingredients working together in unison to make a great cheesesteak. Can of beer was $4, plenty of seating and big bathroom, all things I love. Great overall experience.