Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at PJ Clarke’s in the Curtis bldg at 601 Walnut St in Philadelphia, PA.

You are going to pay the Curtis building premium of $16 for this cheesesteak. $16, all things considered (downtown, Curtis building and sea salt french fries) is pretty accurate. I liked this cheesesteak but a few things (other than the $16) kept me from loving it. Phenomenal caramelized onions and caramelized onions to meat ratio. The meat/caramelized onions had a great flavor. The warm cheese sauce was good but it needed a whole lot more and it needed to get through more of the cheesesteak. The seeded roll was nice but it was a little bready. I would have preferred a $7 draft beer over my $12 Monk’s Cafe beer even though the Monk’s Cafe beer was very very tasty. Overall pretty good experience.