Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at PJ Whelihan’s, 1347 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA.

I summoned my inner J Cohl and got a grilled cheese sandwich with cheesesteak meat. I was very happy they made it for me but a little disappointed in the sandwich. I DID like that it came with french fries. When I think of a grilled cheese sandwich I envision a lot of cheese. This did not have a lot of cheese. The Cheesesteak meat was okay but it was a little dry. We were enjoying the effects of the alcohol. Daniella was a pleasure. So I asked her if this time they would make us a grilled cheese sandwich with American cheese on one side, cheddar jack cheese on the other side and mix the meat with their signature garlic parm sauce. Son of a gun if she didn’t get it done. This sandwich was definitely better. It had more cheese and the meat was nice and moist. The bread became the weak link in the second grilled cheese sandwich.

Call me so we can talk Cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.