Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Plenty Cafe in East Passyunk, Philadelphia, PA

I was hanging in Trendy East Passyunk. I guess trendy means you’re trying to separate yourself from the traditional Philadelphia cheesesteak stereotypes. Plenty Cafe had the closest thing to a cheesesteak so I went in there. Much to my surprise and delight they serve alcohol. I excited so I was having a hard time using my inside voice. Apparently excited loud talking at the end of the bar in a small cafe is more offensive than breastfeeding in the middle of a small cafe. It was a very good sandwich. Their version of coleslaw was tangy, tasty and plentiful. The baguette was crispy. The brisket was good but not a whole lot of it. My beer was $8. Overall good experience. I got to have lunch with my younger daughter. Almost forgot my side/garnish salad was amazing with their version of coleslaw on it.