Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure a Roasted Liberties Bacon BBQ Cheesesteak at the Philly Craft Beer Festival.

I am going to completely contradict myself. This was a very tasty cheese steak. Let the contradictions begin. It is a food truck so I was hoping for food truck prices but we were at the Beer Festival so I expected a event/Beer Festival premium. I liked the roll very much but it had a complete failure under the stress of the barbecue sauce. The meat was good but at $9 it needed a lot more. I guess I can’t complain about it being a messy sandwich at an outdoor event with no bathrooms for me to wash my hands when I could have ordered a less messy sandwich. I can definitely see this being my ‘stagger out of the bar and up to the food truck window’ cheesesteak. Combine it with the Philly Craft Beer Festival and it was a very good overall experience.