hiladelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Roma’s Pizza, 6129 Ridge Ave, Roxborough, PA

We got a cheesesteak with fried onions and mushrooms. As soon as I unwrap it I could tell this was going to be an Old School pizza shop cheesesteak. It had a traditional roll that had a nice crust on it. The meat was a thicker slice and ‘kind of’ chopped. I could really taste the meat. It had a decent amount of cheese that was melted nicely through the whole cheesesteak. It had a good amount of good fried onions. The mushrooms we’re a mistake on this cheesesteak. I do not think they spent much time on the grill with the meat. I really liked the $8.25 price tag and the fact that we could take it to Wissahickon Brewing Co. Wissahickon Brewing had a good amount of a very good selection of diverse beers. Luckily they had a good amount of sour and fruity beers because Amigo Dan kept ordering the beer I wanted.

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