Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Rosario’s Pizzeria, 15th & Wharton, Philadelphia, PA.

I got the Mexican cheesesteak. By the powers vested in me by the Philadelphia Inquirer suggesting I may be the authority on cheesesteaks, I declare Rosario’s Mexican Cheesesteak to be renamed to the Mexican ‘party in your mouth’ Cheesesteak. The beautiful thing about this cheesesteak is that it has a whole lot of Mexican Fiesta going on but the Cheesesteak roots of meat and cheese do not get lost in all the festivities. Very nice balance of ingredients. The roll, unfortunately the roll was a whole different story. I don’t know if I want to kill the roll too badly considering what’s going on and they’re probably having a tough time ordering rolls since they don’t know how many people will be ordering cheesesteaks. So I gave the roll a few Corona sympathy points. Very good Cheesesteak experience.