Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Saint Judes Food at 3rd & Shunk St in South Philly, Philadelphia, PA.

This was a good cheesesteak. $6 made this a very very good cheesesteak. $7 and it could have been a platter. What I loved about this Cheesesteak was you have a guy back there almost overrun by boxes of cereal, batteries, socks, kids toys, cans of Goya beans, screwdriver sets and everything else you might need in your house and he’s cooking his tail off to make a great cheese steak. Yes I would have liked a better cheese melt but you can tell he’s trying to make a great Cheesesteak. The meat had a little seasoning. The mushrooms, fried onions and meat spent some time on the grill together so they got to know each other and blend their flavors. Takeout only but a very good overall experience. Kevin Wilson and John Cohl were probably the first ones to tell me to go to the bodegas but I’m giving credit to Derek Timm. First time I met Derek the first thing he said was, ‘I get some of my best cheesesteaks from the little corner bodegas’.