Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Sam’s Sub Shop on State St in Kennett Square, PA.

Old School South Philly Deli without going to South Philly. I think Kennett Square can completely fulfill a Center City transplants food needs. Sam’s opens at 6:30 and closes at 3. Cash only. A very good small plate Kennett Square’esque cheesesteak in an old school sandwich shop complete with a table for four right in the middle of the patron area. I learned from the two Old-Timers I sat with that Sam’s daughter and her husband run the place and the HS football team is looking good this year. Sam came back from WW2 and opened Sam’s sub shop in 1946. This was a very good cheese steak. The mushrooms and onion spent some quality time together on the grill. Everyone’s going to give me a hard time and say I only care about size but ‘come on man’ look at the pictures this Cheesesteak needed more meat. Overall very good cheesesteak experience. $9.75 stung a bit.