Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Sciarrino’s Pizza, 2310 Carpenter Station Rd, Wilmington, DE.

Wednesday evening. I had visions of grandeur but I ended up staying in Wilmington. One of these days I’ll realize that after 3 PM I want to do is sit on my recliner. I have a big Philadelphia cheesesteak Adventure event coming up and I need a lot of big envelopes so I dragged myself to dollar tree. My dollar tree didn’t have any big envelopes. I decided to get a salad from salad works. They had a line. Cheesesteak guy trivia; I’m a whiner. After sitting in my car and whining for a little bit I decided to find a cheesesteak place on the way to the dollar tree on Philadelphia Pike. I knew there was a pizza shop by the corner of Naaman’s Road and Carpenter Station. I figured that was a good spot. Much to my surprise it is a Sciarrino’s pizza. I went to the Sciarrino’s pizza in Darby. The sign says this is the original. How do you argue with a sign. I like this location. Quiet little strip mall. I was able to park right in front. I think it is a father and son team working tonight. Busy, multitasking but personable. I have high hopes for this cheesesteak. Boardwalk style pizza dominates the menu. it is a relatively big menu with a lot of choices for a pizza spot. there are a couple tables if you want to eat in (after Corona of course). There is a TV in the corner and case you’re dining alone. The Cheeesteak did not disappoint. It is interesting how different cheesesteaks can be. I got the special cheesesteak. It came with fried onions, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, pizza sauce and sharp provolone cheese. The roll was toasted. Toasted very well. I think the beautiful thing about this Cheeesteak is that it had a lot of stuff in it and nothing got lost. Sharp provolone can take over a Cheeesteak and on this cheesesteak it did not. This is the cheesesteak you get when you want to taste all of the other stuff including a well toasted roll. This Cheeesteak is special because all of the tastes work very well together. If the extras on this Cheeesteak are indicators of how well the pizzas taste, we are looking at good tasting pizzas.