Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Sciarrino’s Pizzeria on Chester Pike in Darby, PA.

92 out of 100, all day long. When a rider recommended Sciarrino’s I was worried it was just their neighborhood spot. Holy mackerel! I got the special cheesesteak. it comes with fried onions, mushrooms, green peppers and sauce. Look at the pictures, watch the video this is how you put sauce on a cheesesteak. Look at the pictures, watch the video if you’re going to melt your cheese on top of the cheesesteak this is how you melt the cheese on top of the cheesesteak. This Cheesesteak is top-notch but I would make sure you have a place to eat it. Sidebar – I do score every Cheesesteak I eat. On my website is my spreadsheet of every Cheesesteak I’ve had, my notes and their score. PS 439 different cheesesteaks to date.