Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Simply Savory Cafe, 5 Commercial Plaza, Elkton, MD

Simple Freaking Awesome Savory Cafe. This was a darn good cheesesteak. The whole experience was even better. If you have kids take them here (when I’m not there). Every cheesesteak comes with a side, more specifically, a healthy eating choice side. I went with the cauliflower au gratin. I am spending today Googling cauliflower au gratin marriage laws to see where I can go to get legally married to cauliflower au gratin. The cheesesteak was very tasty. It starts with an awesome Liscio’s roll, the meat was cooked lovingly and the cheese was melted completely through the cheesesteak. This was delicious. It could have been bigger but so could a lot of things. Almost forgot the best part; It comes with a cookie!! They rotate their menu so call 1st call.