Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at SouthHouse, 2535 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA.

I started with a Cheesesteak the way Anthony would eat a cheesesteak. I really need to stop doing this. Anthony likes traditional South Philly style, fried onions, provolone cheese and long hots. This is a very well made cheesesteak. The roll was good but we did have a blowout. Everything gets plenty of grill time. Even the roll spends some time on the grill getting to know everyone. I wish it was bigger but it was under $10 and came with SouthHouse cut daily half regular/half sweet potato fries dusted with SouthHouse made seasoning and SouthHouse honey ketchup for dipping, attention to detail. We also got the Brunch Cheesesteak. Same cheesesteak as above just substitute long hots with scrambled eggs.

Call me so we can talk Cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.