Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Spanky’s, 191 RR 507, Newfoundland, PA.

I went with the $9.95 build your own Cheesesteak option. I got a beef cheesesteak with mushrooms, sauteed onions, American cheese and Spanky signature steak sauce. Corned beef was a meat option that I found intriguing and almost ordered. When I first got the cheesesteak I was very concerned. It came with really good looking french fries but I was still concerned about the cheesesteak. I was very happy when I picked it up and found there was a good amount of meat hiding in the roll. The mushrooms and sauteed onions added a lot of flavor but it was Spanky’s signature steak sauce that stole the show. The Bottom bite where all the good stuff was hiding was amazing. Unfortunately the bottom bite didn’t make up for a whole lot of roll and some dry meat on top.

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