Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Steak Out on Woodbury-Glassboro Rd in Sewell, NJ

This is Daddy’s big boy. Like the country song says; (sidebar – I loved the country decor) I can already see my big boy taking his team to the State Championship. I paid the extra $0.50 for the seeded roll. It was well worth it. I got the Steak Out special. It included the marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, peppers, mushrooms and fried onions. You can see in the video that the roll eventually gave way to the marinara. I would normally rip the roll for this. But I was taking a lot of pictures and held it up in the air for a long time. This is not ideal but understandable for the situation. The cheese looks good melted on top but I prefer it mixed in. I do like that it spent some time in an oven melting the cheese and getting a good little toast on the roll.