Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Steam Pub on 2nd St Pike in Southampton, PA

I was really looking forward to going to Steam Pub. Everything they post on social media looks fantastic. I was very happy to see that they had a cheesesteak on the menu. I thought they only had Cheesesteak egg rolls. unfortunately it was downhill from there. Our french fries were cold, we didn’t say anything because it was our 4th stop and we weren’t eating them anyway. The cheesesteak didn’t look good on the plate. There was not a lot of meat and I did not like the roll. The meat that was there was good. It had a great amount of cheese and a great melt. We got the caramelized onions which I like and is a cool option. We were there at change of shift and maybe that had everyone a little off their game. It is definitely a very cool building, nice crowd and I loved the decor, including in the bathroom.