Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Stu & SAMMY’S Delicatessen, 111 W 10th St, Wilmington, DE.

I ordered a grilled cheese with sliced ribeye. It comes with homemade potato chips. It sat on the grill a little long so the bread was a little overdone but it was one guy working by himself so I overlooked it. It had a good amount of cheese. I would have liked more cheese but it was a good enough amount. I guess I should have asked but they added a tangy sauce or they saute their onions with a tangy sauce. Either way there was a nice Tangy sauce on this grilled cheese. If it was after 4 pm and the bar was open I could have taken my grilled cheese to the bar area where I could have got a drink or gotten a drink and taken it to the sitting area.

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