Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Stuff’d Steaks, 2824 Horseshoe Pike, Campbelltown, PA. Scored 92/100.

Different cheesesteak #1,001 in the last four years. Stuff’d Steaks is the foundation that Campbelltown can build themselves into a top international foodie travel destination. This is a very good cheesesteak made by a very nice family and served in a great location. At first glance I wasn’t in love with this cheesesteak. It came on a Liscio’s roll that looked bready. You’ll see in the video the roll collapsed nicely around the cheesesteak. The meat is thinly sliced and roughly chopped. I was worried about the thin slice but there was a lot of meat and it ate very well. You can see in the picture the mushrooms spent time on the grill and added a lot of flavor. Stuff’d Steaks shares a building with a beer distributor so you can enjoy an adult beverage with your cheesesteak. I went with a Troegs Nugget Nectar, maybe two. I liked them. What did I miss? The cheese. The cheese was there and melted in. Could it have used more, probably. This is where I need everyone to pay attention. We have a great cheesesteak. We have great beer. WE NEED A GREAT BEER CHEESE SAUCE/WIZ! Eating 1,000 cheesesteaks didn’t make me smarter, more handsome, healthier nor funnier but it teach me to know when we need a Beer Cheese Sauce/wiz.

3rd annual March Cheesesteak Madness is starting. Do you want to be a judge? DM me.

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