Stay for the homemade Carrot Cake. Find a reason to go Boyertown and when you are there go to Talarico’s Sandwich shop. Soft Rolls, according to Kyle 4th generation proprietor, it is an Amish thing. I will be researching that next week at Farmers market. Anyway I am a soft roll fan because they are soft and hold up under a lot of sauce. I got my cheesesteak with the Talarico made special sauce, a red sauce, very flavorful. Carole got the pepper ham sandwich. It was amazing and Kyle discloses the origin of the Pepper Ham sandwich in this video. Videos for all 270 cheesesteaks that I’ve eaten are on my YouTube channel, Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. Homemade carrot cake was amazing. PS $23, 2 (amazing) sandwiches, 2 (small) bags of chips, 1 24oz (Kutztown) soda and big piece of carrot cake.