Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Tavern on the Hill on Germantown Ave in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

Very nice place. Very good cheesesteak. They don’t kill you on the price. But this cheesesteak was oily. Very nice bar. Nice heavy wood decor. I guess it’s what you would expect for Chestnut Hill. But not a killer Chestnut Hill price. I really want to love this cheesesteak but it was oily. The bartender said they have a pepper medley / concoction so I got it on my cheesesteak. I assume the oil came from that. The roll was good and it held together nicely. The meat was a nice thicker slice and more of a shred than a chop and it’s flavor came through in a very flavorful cheesesteak. The pepper medley/concoction was very flavorful, nice big thick chunks like I like but where the heck did all that oil come from. I went with provolone cheese and I’m really glad. This cheesesteak needed a heavy cheese. I am pretty sure I had a very good experience but where did all that darn oil come from.