Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Amish Farmer’s Market, 108 Swedesboro Rd, Mullica Hill, NJ.  Scored 90/100.

Different cheesesteak #991 in the last four years.  Special Guest Eater Dan Trammell.  The countdown to 1,000 has begun!!  Special Special announcement, Dan is going to cook #1,000!  The pressure is on him.  This is the same Amish Farmer’s Market that is in Westtown, PA except the stores are on opposite sides.  Since I’ve been to that market several times and I was in NJ so I could feel J Cohl in my soul,  I asked for a ribeye cheesesteak grill cheese on rye bread.  I left not liking a few things about this cheesesteak but it looks amazing in the pictures.  What I liked; 1. Special order no problem.  2.  Fried onions and mushrooms spent a lot of time together and added great flavor.  3.  Cheese may have started on top but it did get everywhere.  BUT the cheese may have gotten everywhere because I would have like more meat.  The meat may have been a touch dry which is ironic because this cheesesteak was oily.  Bieler’s donuts is across the aisle.  Love that it is there but hate that i will eat them until I have a stomach ache.

1,000th cheesesteak will be eaten on Thursday Jan 13, 2022.  5-9 pm.  West End Boat Club, Essington, PA.   Tickets are available on my website and facebook.

Commemorative t-shirt and cheesesteak buffet for attendees!

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