The best way to Reheat a cheesesteak.  This is a free public service announcement from the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.  Don’t be afraid! The video is not 8 minutes long.  Well, It is 8 minutes long but I added 2 bonus blooper air fryer test fries to the instructional video.   Spoiler alert; The best way to reheat a cheesesteak is in your microwave first to reheat the insides.  Step 2, 2 minutes in your air fryer to crisp the roll.  Times vary by cheesesteak size.  Enjoy!!

Drive TO 1,000!  930 Different cheesesteaks eaten in the last 3 years.  I’ll be at a 1,000 different cheesesteaks by the end of the year.  I love guest eaters, DM me to join me.  Actually, I will join you at your favorite spot.

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