Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Big Easy in the Norman Rockwellesque Royersford, PA.

I like this place a lot better than I scored the cheesesteak. I wish Royersford was closer so I could spend more time there. The Big Easy as you would think had a New Orleans vibe. I went with the flow and got the NOLA cheesesteak. It has a house-made spicy cheese sauce which was yummy. There was a lot of cheese sauce but unfortunately one side had more than the other. It was hard to keep a good meat-cheese-chip ratio going. I liked the roll. It was a fancy sandwich roll. The house made chips were good. Maybe a touch over done. Drafts were $5.50. The bartenders were very nice. Nice crowd that seemed to know each other and get along. I just needed something more/better from the cheesesteak. Very good overall experience.