Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Classy Cow Food Joint on Beckett Rd in Logan Twp, NJ

I think I loved The Classy Cow Food Joint. I am afraid I may have gotten caught up in the newness, open December 2018, or the expansive menu or the diverse food combinations or the industrial classy cow vibe or the bug in candy desserts but I did leave with a great feeling about the Classy Cow Food Joint. I was with the Dos Amigos. We are trying a new format with them. We each order our own cheesesteak. Alex got his fried onions and ketchup. I went with the Owen which included Bacon and Pepperoni. And Dan got the South Philly which had Broccoli Rabe and Provolone. All three sandwiches came on a Liscio‘s seeded roll. The rolls were very good soft sandwich shop seeded rolls. All of the sandwiches had a good amount of meat. Dan and I thought our meat was a little dry and stringy compared to Alex’s which seem juicy (I got a close up of Alex’s sandwich so you can see the juiciness). All three sandwiches were put together nicely, chopped with all the ingredients mixed together. Dan’s Broccoli Rabe was chopped in nicely with the meat. The owner came out and chatted with us. He is a very nice hard-working guy trying to make a great experience for his customers. He described a wonderful seafood meal (a nod to his North Carolina roots) complete with alligator that will be added to the menu soon. Overall it was a great experience. I think the weak link in The Classy Cow Food Joint chain was the meat in my cheesesteak. Alex thought it was the ketchup. Dan was happy to be with us. They open at 7 am so you can get your ‘cheesesteak on’ early.