Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Flying Pig Saloon on King St in Malvern, PA.

It is called The Flying Pig, Pig decorations everywhere, pulled pork and specialty sandwiches are prominently displayed in the menu. The cheesesteak was one line in the menu. So I asked the bartender if the kitchen minded substitutions to the sandwiches. She said they did not mind substitutions. I said great then can I get the grilled cheese specialty sandwich but substitute Cheesesteak meat for the ham. She said NO. So I got the cheesesteak. I thought it was standard at best. Dan thought it was salty. The cheese liquefied, settled on the bottom of the sandwich and made the cheese steak stick to the plate. Something happened because after we ate our Cheesesteak the bartender brought me a quarter of what she called their best selling sandwich. Why a quarter? Where is the other three quarters of the sandwich? If anyone sees three-quarters of the Flying Pig’s best-selling sandwich wandering around Malvern please notify me.